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Reviews for Universal Chiropractic

Great Motivator And Healer

Doctors a great motivator and healer. And the staff very attentive.
Chris G.

Highly Recommend

I completely trust everything Dr. Suek recommends to get me where I need to be health wise. My problem is very complicated but after only 4 weeks of treatment there was a noticeable difference. I am always telling my friends and family about the care I receive. An extremely professional and friendly chiropractic office which I highly recommend.

Patricia P.

Very Comfortable

I was made to feel very comfortable and the doctor worked with me to explain and help with the financial side of things as well.

Sandra M.

Taught How to Care For My Spine

I’ve been seeing Doc for almost 16 years and over those years not only has Doc taught me how to take care of my spine but also my overall health with a good diet and exercise. I will continue to visit Doc for my adjustments until I no longer exist. (knock on wood). PS. the reception staff are outstanding.

Dan D.

Different Approach

Very different approach than many chiropractors who believe in rather aggressive treatments, your care is patient, focused to understand their concerns and the methods used to improve their lives.

Rebecca M.

Appreciate Information

I really appreciated the information session. I learnt a lot about how correcting the alignment of my spine can help my body organs to function at a better capacity for living a healthier life.

Wendy M.

So Happy

I am so happy to have considered Dr. Suek and Chiropractic care. It has made a world of difference in my current pain and posture relief, which had reached an unbearable point! Dr. Suek came highly recommended by a close friend (caring for 3 people I know who are quite happy with their results)..

Antonio T.

Good Team

Dr. Suek really knows the spine. I have seen other chiropractors before and no one was as detailed as him. The way he explained things and the thorough review of how your current spine is twisted, gives someone like me the real picture of what is happening underneath the skin. As for the support staff, Nadia was very nice and pleasant. Good team over there at Universal Chiropractic.

Jose M.

Opened My Eyes

I have been a patient of chiropractic for many many years. Having experienced CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) with Dr. Suek and his staff has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am loving it!

Maria P.