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Meet Dr. Janina Duliunas

Doctor of Chiropractic D.C.

Dr Jainina photoI grew up living and breathing an active lifestyle. I played basketball, was native to my Lithuanian roots, and loved working out from an early age. Growing up I never knew about chiropractic care. I often times took medication whenever I had an ache or pain because that was all I knew to do in those instances.

Fast forward to my third year of university, when I got into a car accident. This was a ‘no big deal’ fender bender that left me with a ton of headaches, neck pain, hip pain, and low back pain. I could no longer be active the way I desired to be, and felt like I completely lost my identity. I was sent to every specialist, which was never a long-term solution to my pain. I then happened to go to a chiropractor because my mother had just started care. They did testing and care for me that no one had done previous to this. Through chiropractic care I not only became pain-free – I got my life back!

I love caring for families, children, momma’s, pregnant momma’s to be – everyone. I love tailoring my treatment to each individual, and really connecting to the true why of what brought them into Universal Chiropractic in the first place.


Outside the Office

When I am not a chiropractor, you can find me at the gym, doing Crossfit, getting outdoors, reading and travelling!

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I have dedicated my life to changing the lives of my patients through chiropractic, a profession that constantly allows me to grow, learn, connect and expand every single day. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


Dr. Janina Duliunas | (905) 567-8535