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Mississauga Chiropractors Of Universal Chiropractic

Dr. K.A. Suek, Doctor of Chiropractic B.Sc., D.C.

Mississauga Chiropractor, Dr. K.A. Suek

Dr. K.A. Suek

I just wish I had known then what I know now…

At the age of 17, I had a serious injury to my spine while playing soccer. Having been told at the hospital that there was nothing I could do to correct the problem, taking medication to manage the pain seemed to be my only option. I was told to stop playing soccer. Two years later, having to have surgery on a fractured collarbone, I was suffering more pain in my back from lying in the hospital bed then I was on recovering from the collarbone surgery. Back surgery was then being contemplated.

My grandmother then sent me to her chiropractor. For the first time, I experienced a thorough, caring doctor interested in the cause of my symptoms and my overall health. He took a thorough history, did a full examination, and took x-rays. Within weeks, chiropractic care began to transform my health situation, but even bigger than that, it taught me what health actually is and got me back on the soccer field!

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After graduating from Carleton University in Ottawa, with a bachelor degree in Biology, I went on to CMCC in Toronto, Ontario. I completed a four-year chiropractic curriculum and received my Doctor of Chiropractic, (DC) diploma in 1996.

After completing my chiropractic degree, I was fortunate enough to meet a local chiropractor in Streetsville. He became my mentor and friend and I worked with him for 7 years before I founded Universal Chiropractic.

Universal Chiropractic opened it doors on June 30th, 2003. At Universal Chiropractic, it is our mission to teach people and their families about health, and give them all the tools they need to reach their optimal health goals. Our core values are to stimulate peoples ‘ ability to heal and be whole naturally without the use of drugs or surgery.

I enjoy attending chiropractic and natural health seminars. I am certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics and have studied Pediatric Chiropractic since 2006 with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Thanks for visiting our website. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. Give your Mississauga chiropractor a call or email me using the link below.

Dr. K.A. Suek


Dr. Chris Greenwood BA (Hons), CSCS, D.C

Dr. Chris Greenwood

Dr. Chris Greenwood

I fell in love with Chiropractic!

I fell in love with chiropractic as a child after a hit in hockey sent me flying into the boards, injuring my back. A chiropractor in my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario left a lasting impression on me and I knew that was my calling.

I attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a degree in kinesiology. My personal philosophies of health and wellness and having a genuine desire to help people, aided my decision to become a chiropractor. I enrolled at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto and four years later I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

I began private practice as a provincially and federally board certified chiropractor in the fall of 2012. Since graduating, I have continued my education with various post-graduate courses in chiropractic, radiology, and various advanced and gentle adjusting techniques. I take great pride in staying on the cutting edge of the newest advances in my profession.

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I am so fortunate to view what I do for a living as a calling and not a job. Every day, I have the opportunity to help sick people regain their health and to help healthy people stay healthy. My passion lies in caring for families, especially children. I am truly amazed at the stories and testimonials that happen in our office every day!

Outside the office, you’ll find me working out, playing sports, travelling and eating healthy. I am lucky to be married to my beautiful wife, Stephanie.

Dr. Brian Wolfs, Doctor of Chiropractic D.C.

Dr. Brian Wolfs

Helping the Community live a Healthier Lifestyle

Dr. Brian Wolfs grew up in the GTA and graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in May, 1996. He opened up his practice in west Toronto the same year. Since then, Dr. Wolfs has been helping the community live a healthier lifestyle through Chiropractic and Nutrition. Dr. Wolfs has also helped other Doctors serve their communities so everyone can achieve their maximum wellness potential through the principles of Chiropractic and Overall Wellness.

Through his teaching of wellness principles through advanced workshops on the nervous system, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, Dr. Wolfs is truly making an impact in our community.

Dr. Wolfs is happily married with three beautiful boys. He enjoys playing soccer and hockey year round as well as trying to keep up with his active children.

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