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Neuropathy Care in Mississauga

person with foot painNeuropathy is a painful condition caused by nerve damage outside the brain and spinal cord. It can often occur due to diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancer, or an injury. At Universal Chiropractic, we provide various treatments that can reduce your symptoms and improve your overall health. Before scheduling your appointment, learn how chiropractic care can be an effective treatment for neuropathy below.


Chiropractic Treatment for Neuropathy

When you visit us for your first appointment, our chiropractors will perform a thorough physical examination to learn more about your condition. We’ll also ask you about your medical history to ensure that there aren’t any undiagnosed health conditions that could be causing your symptoms. Afterward, we will develop a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Your treatment plan may include chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, orthotics, or laser therapy. We’ll also create an exercise regimen that can ease your symptoms while improving your spinal health. Not only that, but our chiropractors can also provide lifestyle changes and a healthy diet that can improve your current condition and alleviate your pain.

The Benefits of Routine Chiropractic Visits

We encourage you to visit us regularly even if you notice a reduction in your symptoms. Your spinal cord is an integral part of your body and its health can affect other parts of your body. Along with that, it can impact your ability to work, move around freely, and sleep well at night. With regular chiropractic adjustments, we can help prevent further pain and serious back problems.

Contact us for an Appointment Today!

At Universal Chiropractic, we are dedicated to providing quality chiropractic care to patients of all ages. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of neuropathy or have a health condition that can lead to neuropathy, our team is happy to help. To learn more about the treatments we provide or to schedule your appointment, call (905) 567-8535 today. We are ready to assist you!



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