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Lower Back Pain Relief in Mississauga

Chiropractic Care May Relieve Lower Back Pain

person with lower back painLower back pain can make it hard to do simple tasks, like tying your shoes. These distractions can make it impossible to focus at work. Yet, you can’t just stop living because of lower back pain, so finding relief is crucial. Universal Chiropractic is here to help Mississauga. Residents feel their best.

Chiropractic care for lower back pain is natural. It can help address the effects on the spine, such as motor vehicle crashes, overexertion, improper posture, and sports injuries. Once you come in for your appointment, our chiropractor will evaluate to ensure that the root cause of your lower back pain is adequately addressed, so you can have the relief you need from this atrocity.


Chiropractic Adjustments to Realign the Spine

All the reasons for lower back pain usually have the same result. They misalign the spine. When the spine isn’t in proper alignment, it puts pressure on the spinal structures, which can cause pain.

This misalignment also affects the structures that support the spine, leading to painful muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. There’s also a chance that the misalignment can affect the nerves. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back and down each leg.

Once the spine is back in proper alignment, it and its nearby structures can generally work, which can help minimize pain. These adjustments you have received are cumulative so that you will experience relief with each visit to the chiropractor. Therefore, you must keep every visit with the chiropractor to get optimal relief from the back pain torturing you.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

You’ll get a comprehensive treatment plan when you come into our practice. A comprehensive approach can provide better results than just adjustments alone. Some instructions may include dietary changes, strengthening exercises, and stretches that can help provide even more relief from lower back pain.

Contact Universal Chiropractic Right Away

Debilitating lower back pain can make life miserable. However, you can contact Universal Chiropractic, to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable chiropractor to get your lower back in shape. Call us today at (905) 567-8535.



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