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Pediatric Chiropractic in Mississauga

mom and child playing outdoorsWhile many people believe chiropractic care is exclusively for adults, every member of the family—including infants, children, and teens—may also benefit from it. Pediatric chiropractic care ensures our littlest patients self-heal their nervous system as their body goes through its many development stages. Our highly skilled team at Universal Chiropractic is committed to providing exceptional care for every family member regardless of age.


Caring for Newborns, Infants, and Beyond

From birth, a baby’s spine can experience stress and misalignment. Studies have shown that 90% of babies have at least one misalignment from birth, from different forces, like rotation techniques, that can potentially cause trauma to the baby’s spine. This misalignment, if not addressed, may lead to issues like colic and discomfort.

Our gentle adjustments for infants involve just a little finger-tip pressure aimed at realigning the spine and offering relief to your baby. Unlike what many might think, babies feel no pain or discomfort during these adjustments; in fact, many sleep right through their visit!

Growing With Better Health

A baby’s spine grows by over 50% in the first year of life, developing their spinal curves and nervous system. Chiropractic gently adjusts their bodies to function optimally, promoting faster development and reducing susceptibility to illnesses, so your child experiences less pain, improved concentration, reduced sickness, and faster milestone achievement.
School-aged children face a surprising amount of physical stress daily—carrying heavy backpacks, extended sitting in class, or participating in impact sports—which can cause spinal misalignments. Natural chiropractic offers children firm yet gentle options designed to realign the spine and alleviate any discomfort your child may feel.

Healing in a Holistic Environment

Our chiropractors interact with children in a fun and calming manner, creating an enjoyable environment for their care. Playing with the child or giving them a little tickle often relaxes them so much they don’t even realize they are being checked and adjusted. We can also adjust the child while the parent is holding them. Every child is different, so we adapt to suit their needs.

We’re Here for Your Child!

Let us support your child’s health and development; book an appointment with our team at Universal Chiropractic today!


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