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Your Guide To Auto Accident Recovery

neck pain in auto accidentWhen you have had an auto accident that leaves you with back pain and neck pain, a chiropractor near you in Mississauga, may be a good place to start. Get in touch with us at Universal Chiropractic to help get the care you are looking for.

Our Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a natural way to help get relief from your chronic pain conditions, including an auto accident injury. We can provide back pain, neck pain, and general chronic pain treatments so that you can better get the energy you need to function well in life. Learn more about our treatments below.


Here are some of the treatments we offer:

Spinal adjustment: Spinal adjustment is the primary treatment that most chiropractors use to help the body to be able to heal itself. If the vertebrae in the back and the neck have become misaligned, it may be useful for accident recovery that they be placed back into alignment. Proper alignment can help increase circulation and decrease pain.

Trigger point therapy: This therapy may be used to help release some of the knots that form in the injured muscles and soft tissues. Applying pressure to these spots might help them to not contribute to your pain as much.

Electrical stimulation: E-stim may be used to help the muscles to relax. These low level electric currents cause the muscles to contract and after a while the muscles get tired and relax, which may help relieve tension and pain.

Laser therapy: Laser therapy can help reduce swelling and inflammation in both the joints and the soft tissue. The light rays can help stimulate the cells to heal themselves by potentially helping to increase circulation.

Get Back Pain and Neck Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor Near You

When you need a chiropractor near you, we at Universal Chiropractic in Mississauga, can help provide the relief you need from back pain and neck pain. Give our office a call at (905) 567-8535 to make an appointment.

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